Replacing a Macbook power adapter in France

I wrote a long time ago about my good service at the Apple Store in Dijon. Now I want to briefly share another good experience, this time in Lyon, though it was actually Tiffany who went down there.

As anybody who owns a Macbook knows, the power adapters are horrible. The wire invariably frays after about two years. This problem has persisted for years, occurring on each of the four Macbook Pros I’ve owned. The good news is that in America I’ve found in the past that many, if not all, models have a service bulletin allowing for free power brick replacement even after the warranty/Applecare expires. The even more exciting news is that they honor this in France as well. Tiffany was told that normally the French must pay for replacements, but if the laptop was purchased in the US then the replacement brick is free. I’m happy not only because this policy exists, but also because the Apple Store in Lyon actually knows about it and honored it with no problems.

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